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Zxill: A Legend of Time free steam key
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Zxill: A Legend of Time free steam key

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1 Steam X6EC9-O4KM1-P8KM9 Zxill: A Legend of Time
2 Steam Y7NG9-R4EX1-Z1FM5 Zxill: A Legend of Time
3 Steam Y8PN5-P8BC7-F9KN1 Zxill: A Legend of Time
4 Steam B9HX7-V9GB1-I8IK4 Zxill: A Legend of Time
5 Steam C1MZ5-J3LF6-N6AY8 Zxill: A Legend of Time

Note: It is highly recommended that you use an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller to play this game.

Zxill: A Legend Of Time is a time attack adventure rpg with procedurally generated worlds.

Zxill is an ordinary boy from the local village trying to go about his business exploring a nearby forest when one day he stumbles upon a magical crystal that triggers a life changing event. Can he survive long enough to save the world and can he keep it together as the world changes around him?

A faintly familiar adventure becomes increasingly hard to endure as it rapidly spirals out of control in an ever expanding world.

-Expanding Worlds
-Random Encounters
-Combo Based Battle System
-Procedurally Generated World Maps
-Procedurally Generated Dungeons
-Random Chest Spawning

Fight, adventure and explore against the clock to collect the crystals and save the world. Perform this ancient ritual in time to witness the creation of a new larger world. Keep up the pace and watch your world expand. Fall behind and be cursed with saving the same world over and over. Die and risk losing everything...

A little about Zxill:

Zxill (pronounced Zill in the common tounge) enjoys exploring the local dungeons and long walks on the beach.

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