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World Seed free steam key
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World Seed free steam key

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The core World Seed-experience
This game is the sequel to our game World Seed Classic https://store.steampowered.com/app/1214330/World_Seed_Classic/
(World Seed Classic is no longer developed and maintained, in favour of this game)
Differences in features
This list includes features that exist in this game, but not classic.
  • Hexagonal world map (move in 6 different directions rather than 4)
  • Infinite worlds (you can travel & progress your characters indefinitely)
  • Visual & mechanical combat improvements (you will now fight X versus X rather than only 1 versus 1)
  • Levels & Gearscore (tier I to X still exists, but are used differently)
  • Tier perks (each equipment can be customised to allow for your own play style)
  • Form a party yourself of up to 4 characters at a time (rather than playing only 1)
  • More trophies, creatures, equipment, quests, dungeons & locations to discover!

World Seed is a procedurally generated sandbox MMORPG with roguelike features. The main focus of the game is build-diversity & character progression.

"The six gods of the universe battle for singularity and you must fight back to preserve balance."

In this game youll become stronger by crafting & upgrading your equipment or simply roll the dice and hope for some epic loot to drop as you slay enemies.

Its a harsh world to survive in, so make sure to bring some friends along when in need of help.
Freedom of Choice

Your strategy is valid
World Seed wont push you in linear line of progression. We believe great games are the ones that offer the player to choose their own path, guided by the rules of the game.

Build diversity
There are few restrictions on how you build your characters. Were actively working towards keeping most builds and strategies viable.

Distance from center
There is no traditional leveling system in World Seed. The further from the center you travel, the harder the game gets.

Defeating high-level creatures will reward you with equipment of the same gearscore.

Tier progression
The rarity and quality of your items are based on item tier. There are 10 tiers in the game represented by roman numerals.

Every tier of an equipment unlocks new tier perks for you to choose from.
Infinite World
World Seed features an infinite world which is procedurally generated. Its content is renewed every hour.
World Seed offers two methods of crafting: your typical x materials to craft y, but also upgrading. Upgrading items in World Seed is done by combining three equal items to a better one, yielding +1 in tier level.

Most items in World Seed can be upgraded this way. This offers a unique feature which prevents items from becoming obsolete as you progress further into the game.
Free to play during Early Access
The game is listed as free to play here on Steam, even though theres a cost to download and start playing it.

The reason for this is because we offer you to play the game, free of charge, in a web browser. However were not allowed to link to the game website directly. Therefore we must ask you to:

  • Join our discord: https://discord.gg/kVvv5rw
  • Ask for a link in the main channel #????-kemen

We intend the access to World Seed to be as fair as possible. When releasing the full game well have a in-game store available. At that point you will still be able to play the game for free in browser: but only up to a certain point.

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5 - Unlock World Seed

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