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Vetrex free steam key

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Vetrex is a game for two, in which you will compete with your friend for the winning place using different types of weapons, throwing grenades and throwing red exploding barrels on the enemys head!
The game has 13 types of weapons, 7 types of ammunition, 3 game modes, so far 2 maps and lots of fun!


Pistol, pistol with silencer, magnum, pistol with laser, automatic pistol, shotgun, minigun, machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, railgun, pulse rifle.

First aid kit, bulletproof vest, grenades, red exploding barrels, shurikens, energy recovery, time dilation.
The game also has shuriken mechanics. If they are available, the player has a random probability in the line of sight of the enemy (holding a sniper rifle - 100%) to release a shuriken at the enemy during a shot from a weapon, while the shuriken takes half the damage from the weapon that you have in your hand. That is, if you fired with a sniper rifle, and the damage from it is 110, the shuriken will take damage 110/2 = 55.

Also dont forget that you can throw grenades at different distances depending on how long you hold it in your hands. You can also discard them with your body.

How an RPG works:

How the railgun works:

How the pulse rifle works:
Competitive - the game lasts a maximum of 30 rounds, the winner is the one who reaches 16 wins , or draw 15 and 15 . The players rebirth after death occurs after 3 seconds, that is, there is a chance of a draw in the round if the opponent also dies at this time. Also in this mode there is a timer for 1.5 minutes , after this time the player with the least amount of health dies (armor does not count). If everyones health is the same, then both players die.

Deathmatch - the game lasts a maximum of 61 rounds, the winner is the one who has superiority over the opponent by 8 wins , or the one who first reaches 31 wins. The players rebirth after death occurs almost instantly, but there is still a chance that both players will die at the same time. In this mode the spawn frequency of weapons, ammunition, boxes and barrels has been increased . In this mode, the game is more dynamic, so you wont get bored, fun is guaranteed to you)

Hardcore - as competitive, but with the exception of some features. At death drops all weapons (pistols too), all grenades are thrown out, which will then explode, as well as shurikens (they do not cause damage), barrels simply disappear from inventory. Also, the time for the round is reduced to 60 seconds.
The game has many tactical variations of fighting against the player, you can either run ahead and destroy everything in your path, or quietly wait with a sniper rifle.

Play to the bitter end, using all the game mechanics only in your favor. Throw red exploding barrels at the enemy, hoping that the player will explode from them. Running away, being unarmed from the enemy, put these barrels right in front of the enemys nose so that he makes a mistake by accidentally blowing up on them.

Make fake traps with grenades. If everything goes against you, throw grenades to your death and watch the player who will be torn apart by your grenades)

All this and much more is waiting for you in my game! Join the Vetrex community and support a single developer in creating their own game :)

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