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To Catch a Monkey free steam key
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To Catch a Monkey free steam key

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The test monkeys have escaped the lab.

Hypothesis 1
Catching all of the monkeys will result in not being fired.

Hypothesis 2
One can catch monkeys by scaring them into traps

Hypothesis 3
The scariest things for a monkey are loud noises and potential death

  • Flashbangs
  • Bombs
  • Missiles
  • Firebombs

Hypothesis 4
Kill rabid monkeys so they cant spread their cooties (or so Ive heard. Im not a virologist).



Powered by Autism
To Catch a Monkey is made by adults on the autism spectrum at the nonPareil Institute. At nonPareil, autistic adults gain digital technology skills in various domains and work toward building games and items for the digital marketplace. While doing so, our members also acquire social and vocational skills preparing them for success in higher-education and employment settings.

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