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The Works of Mercy free steam key
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The Works of Mercy free steam key

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The Works of Mercy is a SHORT (2h) psychological thriller inspired by the classics of the genre. The games plot revolves around mysterious killings committed on seemingly random victims. Only this time its the player who becomes the murderer.

The game tells a story of a personal tragedy and wrecked psyche. When a cryptic tormentor forces the protagonist to kill people in order to save his family, the games hero (and the player) is posed with a series of dramatic questions. Who is the tormentor? Why is he so vengeful toward the protagonists family? How far do you have to go to satisfy him? How can you justify the killing in the sake of saving someones life? And how will you cope with the sense of guilt?

Answers to the posed questions can be found in multiple endings playing more than once.

The game will leave the gamers with a lasting impression and face them with the question: how much could I sacrifice for my family? It will take the players through a dark world which gradually dissolves to an increasingly surreal vision of the protagonists mind captured in a lethal trap.

WARNING! The game is about 2 hours long.

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