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The Trolley Problem Game free steam key
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The Trolley Problem Game free steam key

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The Trolley Problem Game turns the classic Trolley Problem into a diverse set of problems that fall into many different categories- some are moral dillemmas, some are educational, and some are just for fun! Would you kill one person to save five? Is it moral to kill baby Hitler? Would you spare the burning of the Library of Alexandria but destroy everything written to Wikipedia? The game includes two modes- Free Play and Utilitarian Mode. In Free Play you can make choices as you see fit and in Utilitarian Mode you are encouraged to make decisions that are considered the most ethical according to the utilitarian characters in the game where you can accumulate points and a streak for agreeing with them. The game currently has more than 500 ethical decisions which take around 30 seconds each, which means the game currently has over 4 hours of gameplay (or even more if you like to read!) The game will include links to different pages where you can argue with other players about what the correct ethical decision is. If the game gets popular enough we will add the ability to create your own problem and share it with the world!

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