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The Night of the Scissors free steam key
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The Night of the Scissors free steam key

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Encouraged by his friend, Adam decides to break into an abandoned post office for scrapping. Soon he will discover that a maniac wielding a pair of scissors and ready to kill is lurking around the place.

Will he find his way out?


Take control of Adam and run from the serial killer on this thrilling survival horror game inspired by VHS slasher movies from the 80s, experience once again the tank controls and the third person cinematic cameras formula that made the genre shine back in the PSX era.

  • Navigate through an abandoned post office, dont get caught by the snipper!
  • Be stealthy, hide inside of wardrobes, restroom stalls, and other places.
  • Authentic VHS experience with cinematic glitch cameras.
  • Optional third person game mode.
  • A perfect mix of calm atmosphere and sound effects, guaranteed tension.
  • Discover bits of a bigger plot.

Disclaimer: This game is a short experience that you can complete in around 40 minutes and its meant for players 18 years old and over, it might also be too scary for some people. Keep this in mind before acquiring the product.

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