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The last earth man free steam key
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The last earth man free steam key

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In 2XXX, a strange virus suddenly appeared on the earth. It only infects humans. The infected persons body will slowly weaken and then die within a few weeks. The infectivity of this virus is extremely terrible, and human beings cannot avoid being infected by any means. When the whole world was in despair, a Arcturian named bill came to earth and declared that he was willing to help treat the virus. People on earth thought they had met a Savior and fully cooperated with Bills treatment. However, the treatment had no effect. Soon, human beings became extinct. Bill holds the gene bank of all mankind, so he continues to clone humans to study the treatment of the virus. In one experiment, due to a coincidence that the probability was infinitely close to zero, the virus on a human clone was removed and had immunity to the virus. Bill told the human that the coincidence could not be copied. If you want to revive other humans, you can only go to the source of the virus: Sirius. So, the last earthman drove the mecha provided by bill to Sirius. But waiting for him is a conspiracy "The last earthman" is a low angle shooting game made by using EvkWorld engine. This game is simple to operate and full of pleasure! Players will fight against the tide of enemies in the map, and swim between various terrain and mechanisms at the same time. The biggest feature of this game: the mecha can equip one weapon with both hands. Two weapons can fire independently or at the same time. When two weapons fire at the same time, completely different effects will appear according to different weapon combinations. In addition, the game is also interspersed with puzzle solving, stock speculation and other playing methods, so that the pace of the game is interspersed and relaxed.

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