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TerraNova: Escape Room free steam key
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TerraNova: Escape Room free steam key

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You have been arrested for entering the house of a mayor whom you consider to be corrupt, they have taken you to an interrogation room, but nobody comes to ask you questions, hours and hours pass and you are still waiting, you realize that inside the room there are puzzles that you can solve to get out of the room. You leave the interrogation room, but you dont find anyone outside either, everything seems so strange. You are gradually solving the following puzzles along the way, you find strange messages referring to you (Neil Abbott a reporter) being an Alien. You get to the cells and after solving all the puzzles there, you realize youre not where youre supposed to be... Will you be able to figure out the riddle? Can you get out of this "game"? And by the way... Who is Minos?.

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