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Terraforming Earth free steam key
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Terraforming Earth free steam key

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1 Steam M9YF2-V9EK3-I1PE6 Terraforming Earth
2 Steam N9LV2-U5QO9-Y9QF6 Terraforming Earth
3 Steam Q5OK7-K6YV2-U8UR9 Terraforming Earth
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5 Steam U9WH9-Z5LF8-D1GO3 Terraforming Earth

Guide three quirky robots through infinite obstacles as you restore life on Earth. This roguelike puzzle platformer creates unique situations every time you play, challenging your creative problem-solving and planning skills to the max.

Unique Situations Every Time You Play

Terraforming Earth is the first game ever to apply procedural generation in platform puzzle level design. It is infinitely replayable as it puts you in new situations every time you play. The focus is on creative problem-solving and planning instead of rote memorization.
Use Different Skills Together

Play alone by switching between three quirky robots. Using their different skills together, you must guide them through infinite obstacles as you restore life on Earth. You can also play with your friends in local multiplayer co-op mode or over the Internet using Steam Remote Play.
Curated Levels

Terraforming Earth has a curation system similar to Mario Makers. You can discover new AI-generated levels or compete on the best levels found by the community.
Our Heroes

Training for a secret mission to terraform Proxima Centauri, our capable utility bots freak out as signals from bio-scanners start to dwindle and fade out. Humans, plants and all life has mysteriously disappeared from Earth, and they alone hold the technology to bring everything back.


Built for getting stuff done. He might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this doesnt seem to bother him on his rocket-powered caterpillar tracks.


Environment research unit. Retrofitted with anti-grav drive to protect it from itself.


A walking terrarium. While playing around with plant ribosomes, she accidentally turned herself into a swarm of nano-bots. Hide-and-seek champ for life.
Key Features

  • Discover new AI-generated levels or compete on the best levels found by the community
  • $100 Bounty for first unsolvable level
  • A simple yet hard resource management meta-game
  • Single-player and local co-op multiplayer with full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and AI-risk
  • Procedurally generated music

Early Access: January 30, 2020
Launch: August 2020

Can you restore life on Earth?

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