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Steph’s Revenge free steam key
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Steph’s Revenge free steam key

Free steam keys

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No Platform Provider Activation key Game
1 Steam S4QF2-K3GJ8-O8BT2 Steph’s Revenge
2 Steam R8IC7-F3AG4-K1ET8 Steph’s Revenge
3 Steam Y9KW7-S5EJ6-J1IS2 Steph’s Revenge
4 Steam B8YF3-B4RP1-J7RT4 Steph’s Revenge
5 Steam I8VD6-A9NA7-U5PH8 Steph’s Revenge

6 stages

Beat the game by fighting through 6 increasingly difficult stages.
Unlock the extra stage and boss rush by beating the main game.
Find a way to unlock the tough secret stage.
Fight Bosses

Fight many fearsome bosses that block your way.
Buy Upgrades

Choose from a variety of upgrades in the shop.
  • Green shot
    The basic starting shot type. Upgrading this adds up to a total of 4 green shots.
  • Health refill
    Use this option to fully refill your health.
  • Yellow shot
    This shot type shoots off to the sides. Upgrade to get 4 of these shots.
  • Penetrator
    A shot that penetrates through all enemies. Upgrade for a total of 5 beams.
  • Homing
    These shots will never miss their target. Upgrade to get a total of 4 homing shots.
  • Ally
    An unkillable ally that will bounce around the screen and block projectiles. Upgrading this will allow your ally to shoot.
  • Shield
    A rechargeable shield that blocks 1 hit. Upgrading this increases the number of hits it can block.
Bombs give you invincibility for a short time and do massive damage to enemies. Choose from 2 different bomb types to use. You can buy more bombs in the store.

How to get steam keys

1 - First step is to register as the member
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5 - Unlock a free Steph’s Revenge steam key

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