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Shoot Trip Die free steam key
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Shoot Trip Die free steam key

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The Story so far...
Chester BoDean, the shining example of an all-American burnout, comes face to face with a demon named Melvin the Most Foul, which just so happens to also be Chesters boss at Brappys Pizza. And Melvin is PISSED Why you may ask? Lets just say that Chester wasnt Too friendly to Mr.Melvin when writing his 2 weeks notice...

Filled with anger towards this classless Junkie, Melvin comes to his room to confront Chester about the rude letter. Chester could care less, and just flips his bossman the bird! This pushes Melvin over the edge and he grabs Chester by the THROAT and chucks him down a strange wormhole of sorts!!! Dazed and confused, Chester must find his way out of this strange realm! His only escape? KILL MELVIN OR DIE TRYING!!

You got what it takes?!

Shoot Trip Die is a Disgusting, Vulgar, Tasteless, Twinstick Shooter driven by Insanity, Addiction, and Rebellion!

Take control of Chester BoDean and travel through strange Realms, and fall deeper and deeper into these worlds in search of a way out!

But it wont be easy...

youll need to mow down strange creatures with your trusty finger guns! Blast away those monsters while you collect an assortment of power-ups to aid you on your rampage to get you back to your beloved mattress! (You should really try and clean that big stain when you get back...)

Content out the WAZOO! And even more to come! Youll be itching for more! and more!! AND MORE!!!

  • -Face melting visuals!
  • -Brain exploding tunes!
  • -Addicting Rogue-like Gameplay blended with simple arcade controls!
  • -Mini-Games!
  • -Drugs! Sex! and Rock n Roll!

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5 - Unlock Shoot Trip Die

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