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Save President From Rebels free steam key
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Save President From Rebels free steam key

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1 Steam W9HN1-Q8CW5-N3XM5 Save President From Rebels
2 Steam Y2UR5-D3BX6-X1ZQ7 Save President From Rebels
3 Steam K7PL8-R8KQ2-T8MQ3 Save President From Rebels
4 Steam N3BX7-O7WX5-R3MF7 Save President From Rebels
5 Steam P3OO1-F7NT1-Q3MA9 Save President From Rebels


You are only hope to save US president. Korean army has captured president into cage. Player controls airship and need destroy different enemies and save president. So be the hero and save president in this 2d shooter

Game contains 2 different gamemodes. Side scroller flying shooter and top down flying shooter. Both gamemodes contain different enemies like Korean tanks and different spaceships. Player has health system and health decreased when enemy ammo hits. Also hitting to ground or upper side obstacle will decrease health. So player need avoid enemies and other obstacles. Player can use machine gun or more effective missiles. There is only limited number of missiles to use them carefully.
After player dies he need start level from start. Game contains 21 levels
- 2 gamemodes
- 12 levels in Side Scroller gamemode
- 9 levels in Top down gamemode
- different enemies: spaceships, tanks, damageable obstacles
- player has 2 weapons: machine gun and missiles

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