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Reef Rivals free steam key
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Reef Rivals free steam key

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Reef Rivals is an upcoming couch coop party game!

With Reef Rivals, we want to put the couch back into coop gaming! This game is supposed to be a simple yet fun local party game to enjoy with friends, not more, not less.


In Reef Rivals, you will compete against your friends in so-called "Cups". Cups can be played either as duos, trios, or squads and consist of a random selection of 3 minigames. You can score in each game based on your placement. In the end, the player with the highest score will win the cup!

The game focuses on short, fast-paced minigames that usually dont take more than 3-4 minutes or less to finish. After finishing just pass the controllers around and dive back into the action! No long wait times for that one friend that never gets to play first.

At launch, the game will come with around 10 different minigames which are randomly chosen for each cup.

With each completed cup, you will collect points! Points are the in-game currency that is used to unlock new characters. Reef Rivals will feature at least 10 different characters at launch. There are mermaids, divers, a sausage, and many more. Every player will find his or her favorite.

Thanks to Steam-Remote-Play, you can play together with up to 3 friends without leaving the comforts of your home! Only one of you needs a copy of the game to invite friends and play together just like you would on your couch (Without the couch).

Some games are best played using controllers, but not anyone has a bunch of gamepads lying around. In REEF RIVALS, up to two players can play using one keyboard! Furthermore, the game supports PC-Gamepads, Xbox, and Playstation controllers.

Dont like playing random games because that one game you always end up in is getting really on your nerves? Dont worry! With the CUSTOMIZE CUP feature, you can create a playlist to your liking! Add or remove as many games as you want. Just ball games? No problem! Youre really into Puzzles? Dive right in!

Reef Rivals is a collaboration of two game-loving friends that dont believe in season passes, loot boxes, and paid DLCs. We want to go back to the roots of gaming: Having fun with friends and unlocking every last piece of in-game content by playing.

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