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Post Solis free steam key

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Post Solis is a real-time strategy game. Its up to you to find out why eternal night has fallen on the remote planet where the prosperous Hope Colony was settled.

Now, 200 years after the disaster, your only ally is a tiny ray of the sunlight. It moves across the planet, and you can only build your base in its area. Anything plunged into darkness is out of operation. The game is built around the key mechanics of following the slipping ray of light.

Game features:

  • Send drones to find human survivors and scout out the ruins.
  • Build chains of production, gather raw materials and search for the survivors.
  • Improve your buildings to better withstand a cruel world.
  • Complete 3 exciting campaigns (plus a tutorial) to fully uncover the story of the Hope Colony.
  • Defend against flying guard drones and take your city into the air.

The prototype for this game was inspired and developed during the Ludum Dare 50 contest. We now offer players an updated and refined version of our game.

The Early Access version of the game contains a detailed tutorial and 3 full game campaigns. The game includes sound effects and several different soundtracks.
Our update plans

  • We plan to expand the main campaigns, possibly adding new types of buildings, blueprints and units.
  • A more polished user interface
  • Future updates may include edits to the games difficulty balance.

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