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Polar Penguin Post free steam key
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Polar Penguin Post free steam key

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Polar Penguin Post is a puzzle simulation game that runs the penguin delivery company Polar Penguin Post in the freezing city state Winter Mountain.
The main character "Min" establishes a penguin delivery company with his younger brother "Hour" to make her friend "Penguin" accepted as a family member of Winter Mountain.
PPP Delivers Anything
The PPPs Lists always have a lot of delivery orders stacked up. Please check the list and put delivery items in the penguins bag correctly.
Each delivery items have different sizes and shapes. There are things that can hold dozens of pieces, and things that take up half the bag by themselves.
Please make good use of the space in your bag so that you can put all your deliveries.
No Customer Wants A Broken Mug And A Dirty Letter
If you put the glass next to the brick, the glass will break, and if you put the letter next to the sickle, the letter will break too.
If you put things next to coal or oil, theyll be covered with soot and oil. But placing a blanket on a cement bag doesnt break it.
In order to complete the delivery safely, we need to pack the bag considering the characteristics of the product.
No one wants to get a broken glass, and the penguins dont know whats in their bags.
Interact With A Variety Of Clients
We have a variety of clients To exchange help, test, or accompany us with the Polar Penguin Post.
Build trust in them by doing their clients requests. Human relationships will lead you to various futures.
Survive the freezing Winter Mountain
Winter Mountain, the stage of "Polar Penguin Post," is becoming increasingly frozen for unknown reasons.
Will Winter Mountain end like this? Enjoy the fun story of Pola Penguin Post somewhere in the dying world!

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