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Ouija Rumours free steam key
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Ouija Rumours free steam key

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...March 20, 2008...
One teenage girl was found dead in a mysterious cabin in the woods. She was lip sewed. It appears that she performed some unknown rituals during the few days before her death.

Oujia: Rumors provides a first-person thriller-horror survival experience taking in a haunted house. The fictional storyline is set to raise awareness against the power of rumors. The wise do not buy rumors, do you?

In Oujia: Rumours, play as a father whos left his daughter (Sarah) and wife in a cabin in the woods, where he promised them a new life. After 10 years of torture and judgment of his own guilt, he returned to the small little cabin, trying to right his wrong. Live Sarahs life and experience the despairing and miserable life she had after the rumors of her dad were spread.

• Ouija Rumours is developed by a one-man team.
• First-Person Gameplay
• Atmospheric and appealing graphics
• Light Puzzles

You can disable the effects (Bloom, Motion Blur, Ambient Occlusion) in the setting. It would be highly recommended to enable the settings to enhance the game experience. However, It will slow down the fps at the same time. Its best only when it fits your computer graphics setting.

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