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About Open World Foreva free steam key

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Additional information for Open World Foreva key free

This game is all about living life, exploring and creating. In this online 2D game you can: Build, fight, explore, craft and much more.

The game consists of a large procedural world. And all players are inside the same world; as interactions between players is sought after.

You can play solo, or build with friends and protect your base.

Bases can be upgraded through exploring and finding new technology. You will be able to create energy systems & use it to power your bases. You can even exchange electricity by storing batteries and exchanging it with others!

Currently in Early Access(2021 June) to allow YOU to help decide what to add, change or improve!
Resource gathering & Base-building

Gathering resources is a big part of this game. Anything you come across can be broken down or picked up. Once one item is in your inventory.

You can either:

  • Place it in the world again
  • Use it when crafting with blueprint
  • Convert it into another component

Your base decays slowly over time. Or when attacked by players. The world is made to allow you to be gone for weeks at a time. As long as players havent destructed your base. Decaying will not occur too quickly. As this is about being able to create a world together with others.

As your base decays or gets damaged. You can right-click blocks to repair them.

Chests & doors have unique passwords. This allows you to share it amongst your crew to work together on things. Your base can also be stengthened by finding stronger blueprints for walls and doors.
Weapons & Bombs

Weapons & bombs are a part of the game. If you and your friends find people being unkind. You can take it upon yourselves to eradicate their base with C4, grenades & weapons.

Using C4 bombs can be used strategically. By placing them around your base. They will explode when anyone walks near them. Cheaper fake C4 bombs also exist. So you can more easily craft those & make enemies believe there might be C4 all around your base. But in truth there are fake C4 which wont explode. Allowing you to use them as a hidden path into your base.

  • C4 bomb - explode & create lots of damage. To everyone surrounding them in a wider area.
  • Fake C4 - Appears to be a real C4, but creates no damage.
  • Grenade - Does some damage in a smaller area 2 seconds after being delayed. However, the enemy may pick it up and use it as a counter-attack before it explodes.

Weapons such as knives, clubs and swords exist. They may have an increased effect on stone and tree gathering.

Each weapon has:

  • A hit rate per minute - How many hits per minute it can do
  • A damage value per hit
  • Initial health which decays with hits
Open World Foreva is ONE WORLD

You heard it. There is only one world for all players(depending on US/EU). This means. You can meet up with others in the world & exchange items. You can attempt to find others bases to blow them up. Or possibly to just steal from them.

Maybe youre the next "Negan"? Making sure they pay their fair price to not eradicate their base.

The world has a temporary world border. Meaning the world grows larger as the player demand for the game increases.
Currently the world is almost 1 KM * 1KM(0.62 miles * 0.62) in size.
Blueprints & Technology

You start out with a few standard blueprints. Such as:

  • Torch
  • Club
  • Simple Wall & Door.

When you kill things in the world. Or break them down into your inventory. There is a 10% chance of finding a new blueprint. A blueprint is used to be able to craft new things for you. Which for instance could help you increase your bases strength.

Technologies can be created by finding blueprints. Tech will help you survive. For instance, some areas are colder and warmer than others. Too hot or too cold will damage your player. Therefore there is technology such as Heaters & Coolers.

Any technology created needs an energy source. Such as:

  • SolarCell
  • WindTurbine
  • Battery

Solarcells yield power depending on the time of the day & how much light that world area generally gets.

Windturbines generate power based on wind which varies every 30 minutes & also based on the area it is within.

Placement of your generators affect how much effect they give. To see this your can right-click the generators and monitor their output for a day or two.

Batteries are used for storing power which is not used by any machines at the time. When a battery no longer has anyincoming power from another source. It will automatically act as a generator until drained. Meaning a battery can power your lamps during night-time if you only have solarcells.

Machines that currently exists:

  • Heater - Heats the area by 10 degrees
  • Cooler - Cools area by 10 degrees
  • Digger - Digs for Coal, Gold, Copper & Stone
  • Small lamp - Lights a smaller area
  • Large lamp - Lights a bigger area

When you stroll around the world. You will quickly begin to see plants of different kinds. These can be eaten if full-grown. By clicking a plant; you pick it up in its current state. By placing a plant; it will then start growing. By right-clicking it; you can see whether it has disease or if it is yet full-grown.

Once a plant is full-grown. It generally converts into a FoodPackage when collected.
With this you can either:

  • A. Eat to increase your health
  • B. Select in your inventory. And convert into 3 baby plants. To grow more

Plants that can eaten area: Potatoes & Carrots
Non-edible plants: Cotton - Cotton is used when crafting clothes and some weapons
Clothes & Environment

As mentioned earlier. The world has different temperatures. Depending on the area you are inside. And based on the time of the day. Generally an area will have a similar temperature, but during night-time it will decrease.

There are currently two ways to survive extreme temperatures without damage:

  • A. Create clothing which provides resistance
  • B. Create a base with technology such as Heaters & Coolers

If youre new. It is wise to find a warm, but no too warm area to live in. By opening your inventory you can check the current temperature in the area you are inside.

If the temperature is below 0 or above 50. You will be damaged.

Wind varies based on time and areas. And currently only affects Windturbines.
Crafting clothes

Crafting clothes is done for styling your character. And for providing insulation during cold times. New clothing blueprints are found by killing or breaking things in the world. You can also craft hairstyles.
Other info

The game has some similarities with Minecraft, Rust and Rimworld. But unique in the way that it supports a lot of players in the same world. A world which can be expanded depending on player demand.

Please share your ideas & be a part of this games future!


How to get Open World Foreva cd key free

1 - First step is to register as the member
2 - Choose an offer available and make sure you choose the one that's giving you lots of coins
3 - Complete the offer you have chosen, you must use real information to complete an offer / survey
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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: AMD A8-7600
  • Memory: 1000 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Low-end graphics card
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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