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Navalia free steam key
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Navalia free steam key

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2 Steam D4GW2-Q6EE8-U2TN6 Navalia
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4 Steam V8OB8-Q7QX3-J3OO4 Navalia
5 Steam R4MZ9-P2CW4-V7SA6 Navalia

Navalia is a real time strategy game in which you are the commander of a spaceships fleet, tasked with protecting the home system from formidable enemies and expanding your dominance of the galaxy. Through your conquest you earn resources and experience that help you expand your fleet, research new ship parts and ultimately conquer the galaxy. Travel across the galaxy to defeat enemies, amass resources, and discover new ways to improve your battle tactics and enhance your fleet. Customize your fleet with a high degree of freedom for an incredibly fun shipbuilding experience! Utilize the ship editor and unleash your creativity with a powerful tool allowing you to create new ships or improve the old ones. Strategically wage large scale battles with hundreds of procedurally generated enemy units. See the ships you carefully designed fight in large-scale battles with up to hundreds of procedurally generated enemies. Beautiful minimalistic graphics with zoom options allowing you to view the entire star system or zoom in and see individual ship parts working Navalia was developed by a one man studio in Helsinki, Finland.

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