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N-Age free steam key

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Again for the first time. Reverse world

The distant past. At that time, mankind launched five huge wars called "World War" in less than 100 years, killing itself. But the few survivors who survived such war.
Through hard work, they restored the basic knowledge needed to rebuild human civilization. Then history was rewritten.

They decided to call their new living base "rebirthworld". It means "the reborn world". Correspondingly, it began to remake and use the calendar of "reverse force". Moreover, around 079, the era before the use of "reverse force" was divided into "old age" and "Neo age, N-age", so as to determine its historical significance.

Rewritten later human history "N-age"
It has been nearly three centuries since mankind settled in the current negative world. A considerable part of the once ruined earth has been repaired, and mankind has lived on most continents again. Moreover, due to the continuous development of science and technology, the current negative world has actually returned to the civilization level around AD2010. This is the "Centerville project" carried out in the past 200 years, which may become a feat in human history.

"Central bill" project refers to the urban policy of forming a series of centralized urban civilization around the huge city of "central bill". It is also the best keyword to understand the later human history.

Map and regions with various features and over 200 NPCs with different personalities waiting for players to unfold their stories.
Details data maps with more that 20,000 props and designs!

Discover different areas like the Central Bill, Burben and free cities and camps.

- Vast Regions to explore based on the real world.
- Fully rotating season: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
- Marry your significant other through the Wedding feature.
- 4 Origin characters to use with different specialties and gameplay.
- Systems that supports community, friendship and peer to peer connections.
- Enjoy PvP and competition anytime, anywhere! Small to big scale battles!
- Living world through world boss and quests.

From the team that developed and published Atlantica Online and Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu.
VALOFE have prepared a roadmap and updates to ensure the experience is continues and will stay.

N-Age has a vast variety of systems that encourages community, friendship and competition in a small or big scale.
The world of N-Age is ready, hop on and let your story begins!

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