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Miner of Minerals free steam key
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Miner of Minerals free steam key

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2 Steam F3FW6-S7RX2-F6UG4 Miner of Minerals
3 Steam X1XH9-G9SV4-F5UU7 Miner of Minerals
4 Steam E2RC7-F3BQ5-S7TQ6 Miner of Minerals
5 Steam R7MG1-M2DB4-A2DI5 Miner of Minerals

In the exciting game "Miner of minerals" you play as a miner and your task is to dig up as many gems as possible to earn a lot of money. Not satisfied with the pace of production? Spend money on pumping equipment: - Controllability - the higher, the easier it is to control the direction of movement of the hook; - The length of the rope affects the depth from which you can get minerals; - Hook strength - the higher, the longer the hook will last; - The brightness of the searchlight - will help to find minerals underground; - Speed - affects how fast you can get minerals; - - Energy - is needed to move the trolley. Affects the range of movement. Upgrade your equipment and try to set a record for mining minerals every time!

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