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Little Wolf free steam key
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Little Wolf free steam key

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Little Wolf

Come on an adventure with Ulf, a little wolf. Play as Ulf to rescue his missing pack members as well as other missing creatures from their homeland, Halwend. The feeling of magic is subtle but everywhere, someone must be behind this.

Little Wolf is a game for anyone to play and enjoy! This is a CASUAL ADVENTURE game. It is both an exploration game and collection game.

When controlling Ulf, youll play in 3rd person with 2 camera options. You will need to collect all the wolves and creatures to rescue them. Something evil has lured the animals from Halwend. Our hero, Ulf, will need to be smart to collect some of the creatures as they may be out of reach without help. Some will be easier than others and some will be very difficult.
Essentially you will need to roam the 6 (more being implemented as time goes on) locations to find items and see the amazing scenery.

Explore a ranch landscape, filled with things to discover. Find your missing pack members among the buildings, cars, containers and portals.
Later you will get to explore the forest of Halwend, its lakes, ruins, nature, rolling fields of grass and township.
Currently there are 6 locations, there will be more added as time goes on.

Little Wolf features, portals, AI, physics, beautiful scenery and if a human touches you...back to the start you go! Explore Halwend, the ranch and many other landscapes which Ulf has never seen before.

While the game does not feature combat extensively, there will be some fights.
Little Wolf will also have DLC after release.

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