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Liberty Castle: Home of the Free free steam key
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Liberty Castle: Home of the Free free steam key

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Liberty Castle: Home of the Free is a beacon of shining light in an increasingly dark and restrictive world. To call this project a game is a massive understatement , as it provides much more than any game ever could. In the Liberty Castle one does not waste time, conversely one of the main features of Liberty Castle is that every moment spent delving into information or participating in our various avenues for social interaction will help build ones knowledge base as well as help the user discover who they truly are in an internally reflective way that cant be found in any other "game". Liberty Castle is a truly immersive and uncensored social experience where the users willingness to engage the information at hand and engage ones peers in a mutually constructive manner will help to increase your rank and give access to hidden places as well as unlock perks available only to those who master the craft of oration and debate. Our open mic will give a voice to those who typically may be shy to speak in traditional social settings by providing a layer of safety and anonymity not afforded in the real world . Liberty Castle is both a place to honor the heroes of the past and a place for the trailblazers of today to leave their mark on the hearts and minds of those willing to listen . Special guest speakers and live special events are center stage in the theatre room, while our own documentary film house releases will grace the silver screen of our documentary room . Liberty Castle is a community effort and will be defined by the community . As long as the thirst for the free exchange of ideas and information lives on in the hearts of man , the Liberty Castle will be the nesting ground , the meeting place, and the pulpit from where the brushfires of liberty can spread and have a chance at burning down the ancient systems of control and servitude. Unique Gameplay Features : Since Liberty Castle is a social experience game , the overarching gameplay features are social interaction based as well as task completion based. There are 3 main ways that a player can earn points and increase their score/ranking. First is task completion which entails watching video documentary information as players walk through the halls and galleries of the castle. Each painting on the wall is a portal to a piece of documentary information , that when watched from beginning to end will notch a point to the total points tally of that player. ( for instance if there are 100 total videos to watch , when the player watches their first video it will be logged as 1/100, second 2/100, tenth 10/100 , and so on until they complete the achievement of watching 100/100 pieces of video) Upon achieving the milestone of having viewed every video , that player will be rewarded by having special access to a section of the castle that is locked or unavailable otherwise , or be gifted with a special prize or feature . The second pillar of gameplay in Liberty Castle revolves around active participation in the "Open Mic" area and in the "Philosophers Rooms" (round table discussion area). The main goal in these sections is to build up a following/listenership. The more followers/listeners that a player has, the higher their rank increases. When a player hits listenership milestones (such as 100 listeners/500 listeners /1000 listeners and so on ) they will achieve different levels of access to VIP sections of the Liberty Castle. Every player starts off with their microphone muted. After their first attempt at oration , players will either listen/subscribe to them , or choose to continue to mute them . The open mic area, which will be turn based and limited to 5 minute intervals per player per turn , is a great place to garner listenership en masse by way of an enthralling speech, a comedic performance, or even recital of a poem etc. The possibilities are endless ! Ultimately it is truly left up to the player (speaker) to find the best way to connect with the audience by way of discovering their unique voice from within. Listenership/followers are similarly obtained through discourse in the philosophers room area , which is set up in round table style with 10 available seats. Players debate on randomly generated topics of discussion and keep their seat at the table by way of peer review. If a player is muted by the majority of participants, they must forfeit their seat at the table to the next person in line. If a players debate skills are sharp, then he not only keeps his seat and continues on , but enjoys the increased rank form the added listenership of not only those in the circle , but players that are in the room listening as well. The final facet of gameplay includes participation in live special events hosted in the "Theatre Room" . These spectacles will feature well known speakers/performers/entertainers/workshops and will be put on display anywhere from a monthly to weekly basis. These "live" events will be pay-to-view and participation in them will not only increase player ranking, but it will also garner discounts for that player for future events. The end goal of Liberty Castle is for the player to achieve a unique sense of community by not only absorbing information, but also exuding a bit of themselves through active participation . All this is incentivized through our tailored rank/scoring system. ???? The Liberty Castle Team ????

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