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Level 20 free steam key
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Level 20 free steam key

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Do you be able to reach level 20?

Basic mechanics

Level 20 is a 2D platform game with 20 randomly generated levels, the player controls an explorer who needs to beat all 20 levels.
The player must purchase upgrades for his equipment to survive the highest levels.
Upon finishing each level, the player must decide whether to return to the city and secure his coins ( Energy Cells ) or advance to the next level and explore a new challenge, in one way or another when returning from exploration, the player will restart from level 1.
If the players life reaches zero he returns to the city and loses all the cells conquered.

How to play
  • Go to teleport in the underground city to start the exploration;
  • When teleported to the level, the interface indicates how many cells need to be collected;
  • Explore the scenario and collect the cells as fast as you can, as the progression of the difficulty does not stop;
  • After collecting the necessary cells, survive for the time indicated on the screen to attack a horde of robots;
  • As soon as time is up, run to the teleport machine and activate it;
  • You will have to decide, go back to the city and use your acquired cells to make improvements to the player, or advance to the next level mystery and risk losing all the collected cells.

Game information
  • 2D pixelated shooting and exploration platform game;
  • Each level has a biome that is drawn randomly;
  • There are some special constructions that can appear on the levels at random;
  • In the interface a bar is displayed that increases constantly, indicating the difficulty of the game, do not prolong the exploration too much, before it is too late.
  • Compass, are you lost in what to do? Follow the arrow;
  • The player can create stairs to reach difficult places, and break blocks of the scenery to open passages;
  • Some scenarios cannot be destroyed, such as the Underground City and scenarios of first encounter with Guardian Robots only during the first battle;
  • Some robots can fly around the scene bypassing the blocks;
  • Guardian Robots can also break blocks;
  • Robots dont stop being born, after collecting the cells to activate the teleportation, run away;
  • Guardian robots need different strategies to be defeated;
  • There are 3 different types of energy cells;
  • The robot that creates stairs generates a strong explosion, this explosion can be used strategically to defeat enemies;
  • The player has a skill tree that is unlocked using the collected cells, so talk to the Improvement Merchant;
  • Special abilities that allow new functionalities that will facilitate its exploration;
  • Create strategies to explore your skill tree, it has several branches with specific skills;
  • Possibility to change the players appearance, for this, talk to the Costume Merchant;
  • Lucky chests can give you extra benefits to continue to the next level or multiply your collected cells;
  • After defeating a Guardian Robot the game changes, allowing it to appear in previous levels, this way the game gets more and more difficult;
  • Laser cannons hinder free movement around the scene, making exploration difficult;
  • Red Alert Robots activate when the player approaches them, when activated, they increase the progression of the difficulty bar;
  • Purple Defense Robots create a shield on Guardian Robots, making it impossible for them to be defeated;
  • When facing a guardian robot for the first time in a level, it will prevent you from using teleportation until you defeat it;
  • Very difficult game;

The Level 20 universe

  • You are a newly formed explorer, in a world where humans live 500 years underground to protect themselves from robots;
  • The Underground is divided into 20 levels, where the city of humans is at level 0 and the surface of the planet is after level 20.
  • The world is infested with aggressive robots, to contain them, humans take shelter in a fortress called Underground City;
  • Humans created exploration squads to reach the surface again, but level 20 was never even reached.
  • His brother, Big B, was the most distant explorer, level 15 where he had to return due to the presence of an extremely aggressive worm robot;
  • During a check on the outskirts of the Underground City, Big B disappeared after a sudden attack by the worm robot, never has a robot gone so far to get revenge;
  • Among the underground levels, some in question are protected by guardian robots, when defeating one of these robots he can return to lower levels to hunt you;
  • Your plasma machine gun is your best friend, be careful not to run out of energy;
  • A robot has never been seen at level 0, except in the case of the disappearance of Big B;
  • Energy cells are extremely valuable, they are the raw material that maintains the essential defenses for the Underground City;
  • Studies on these cells have resulted in improvements in exploration equipment, they are in great demand, but few have the courage to collect them;
  • An explorers common mission is to collect cells to maintain the Underground City, but the main objective is to return to the surface;
  • Teleportation machines are rebuilt robots that allow quick travel according to the number of cells to charge them;
  • The machines allow travel to only one level above, to advance a level the explorer needs to collect the cells necessary to advance to the next level or return home;
  • Guardian Robots emit a signal that interferes with the operation of teleports, they need to be defeated so that the teleporter can be configured with an inhibitor with level encryption, so once a Guardian Robot is defeated, teleport will no longer be disabled by the signal ;
  • There is an emergency device that destroys the collected cells, not allowing their reuse, however it brings the explorer back to the city.
  • The explorer who defeats a Guardian Robot is awarded a medal of honor;
  • A signal from the Big B tracker, located at level 15, your objective is to check if your brother is really there;
  • If you are very brave, you will reach level 20.

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