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I wanna be The Cat free steam key
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I wanna be The Cat free steam key

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1 Steam E4BK9-G6RH3-S8HM3 I wanna be The Cat
2 Steam Q5MX7-E9LB5-V6GA3 I wanna be The Cat
3 Steam U2GD8-D7QI4-W9YA4 I wanna be The Cat
4 Steam F6HQ8-T8BG8-Y4GY9 I wanna be The Cat
5 Steam T6NP4-J2TF9-P8GC6 I wanna be The Cat

I wanna be the Cat is a challenging roguelite platformer inspired by I wanna be the Guy fangames.
Fight against famous videogame characters turned into cats and try to claim "THE CAT" as the ultimate title.


For this special occasion, more than 2000+ levels have been created by the community. Coupled with a smart world generation, every single playthrough is completely different each time you play from the levels and objects you get to the enemies you fight. Take on the challenge that keep getting harder and crazier but you can control it by adjusting the difficulty at any time.


Solo mode
You only get 100 lives to finish the game. Lose all of them and you will have to start from the beginning.
Fortunately, you can buy objects, skills and lives from many shops during your journey. Moreover, at the end of every playthrough, you also get to buy permanent upgrades helping you the next time you play.
What would be a tribute to these Guy fangames without its countless spikes and epic fights. All 12 bosses cant wait to slaughter you on sight so prepare yourself already for a challenging yet very rewarding adventure.

Race mode
Challenge your friends and everyone around the world to crazy fast paced races up to 8 players at once. Seeded or randomly generated with different difficulties, only one can claim the throne !

Magic Tower mode
If you manage to beat the game on hard mode, you will be able to play this key-lock puzzle-rpg oriented gamemode. Climb your way up to the top floor, defeating powerful enemies and trying to manage your resources carefully. This gamemode alone represents more than 5 hours worth of gameplay.
- Randomly generated levels offering a challenging and unique experience each time you play.
- More than 2000 levels made by the community.
- Tons of crazy items and powerups.
- Enemies and bosses inspired by your favourite retro classics.
- Online races up to 8 players simultaneously.
- Permadeath but compensated with unlockables and upgrades.
- Very responsive and precise controls.
- Multiple difficulties matching the players skill levels.
- Upcoming updates featuring more gamemodes.

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