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Hacking for Hermann free steam key
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Hacking for Hermann free steam key

Free steam keys

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5 Steam W8OB3-W6GJ4-H5PP3 Hacking for Hermann

In Hacking for Hermann you are looking for your brother Hermann who has been working for the tech company Electrotainment Enterprises. Hermann has developed a new type of neural technology that was supposed to secure the companys supremacy in virtual space, but something went horribly wrong. Your brother vanished half a year ago and the corrupt security forces closed the case without finding anything.

Its up to you to find your brother. Enter the virtual world, hack into the highly secured corporate servers and get to the bottom of the dark conspiracy surrounding the Hodur Project. Hermanns fate is in your hands.
  • Program your AIs
    The Cyberspace is managed and defended by intelligent program units. Damage to this vulnerable ecosystem will be severely penalized. But only illegal hacks can lead you on a trail to your brother. Are your AIs programmed well enough to break through the enemy firewalls?

  • Beginner-Friendly Programming Language
    Programming is fun! The graphical programming language in Hacking for Hermann was designed to let you experience just that. Even for novice programmers, this language is easy to understand. Use various blocks of code, loops and logical branching to realize your strategy for battle.

  • Varied Fights
    Defeat enemy program units with your AIs. Various battle arenas, shields, barriers and types of attacks challenge you time and time again. Can you adapt your strategy to the situation and expand your code accordingly?

  • Campaign
    Find and rescue your brother Hermann in the 3-4 hour campaign. Fight your way through perfectly coordinated levels and break into the file systems of the corporations. Put the pieces of the puzzle together to solve Hermanns disappearance and unravel a dystopian mystery.

  • Rogue-Like Challenge Mode
    Put your skills to the test in randomly generated levels. Win medals in four different game modes and three different difficulty levels and unlock extra content. Plan strategically to collect as many points as possible before you run out of resources.

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