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Grey Eyes of Death free steam key
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Grey Eyes of Death free steam key

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Embark on a deadly journey for survival. Your ordinary school life quickly turns around when an unknown outbreak turns humanity into flesh eating monsters. The hungry creatures ravage every corner of your home island, forcing you to quickly adapt to the new, hostile environment, and learn the ropes of survival if you wish to remain alive.

Fight to stay alive by any means you choose through the streets filled with chaos, towards the rumored last safe evacuation point. Forge friendships or make enemies on this epic, deadly adventure. Manage your ammunition through your adventure, because the dead are not the only enemy. Uncover the mysteries surrounding the outbreak as you work your way through the hordes of grey-eyed death.

Will you reach your goal, and find peace when danger lurks around every corner?

Grey Eyes of Death is a thrilling 300,000 word interactive fantasy horror novel by Norbert Mohos, where your choices control the story. Its entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as male, female; gay, straight, or asexual in this story-driven thrill filled adventure
  • Meet new, unique survivors and decide whom you will trust, or form closer bond with
  • Shape humanitys future, including yours and those you interact with along the way
  • Choose between life or death in challenging, emotional situations
  • Explore abandoned areas and survivor camps throughout the island country
  • Discover what the aftermath has to offer, and uncover the source of the outbreak
  • Fight against and escape from the flesh eating creatures behind grey eyes

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