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Gold Digger Maze free steam key
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Gold Digger Maze free steam key

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2 Steam J8OV2-V9UY1-X4XQ4 Gold Digger Maze
3 Steam O5PZ3-S5PN7-M2YD2 Gold Digger Maze
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5 Steam M3HS8-Z8XE7-Z8OZ6 Gold Digger Maze

The most valuable wealth is always hidden in the most remote places. For example, in the center of a huge maze, immersed in the impenetrable darkness.
But youre not one of those who are afraid of difficulties? Then feel free to go on a search! Your miner is armed with lamps that will help him to dispel the darkness hanging over the mysterious underground mines and caves. You can also mark the already passed route with lamps. However, do not forget that the number of them is limited, and without a lamp in your hand you will have to light your way only a dim miners flashlight, the light of which is barely enough to see your own hands.

Features of the game:
  • Maze game
  • Nice graphics
  • Many levels
  • Has Steam achievements
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

The game allows you to fully plunge into the atmosphere of gold miners and feel in the skin of one of them. For gold you will need to go down to the ground, where a mysterious maze is fraught with many fears and completely hidden from prying eyes eternal darkness. You need to be brave and smart to go through all the mazes and find all the gold that is hidden in the depths of the mountains. Mazes in the game quite a lot, and their size and complexity will only increase as you progress through, so you just do not get bored. Nice graphics and music will create a great atmosphere. The game develops memory and orientation skills, so you are sure to spend time with benefits. Simple operation and intuitive interface allows you to play this game even for children, but also for adults it will seem no less interesting.

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