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GlowBoarding free steam key

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Head out to Moonlight Mountain with your glowing snowboard and snowmobile, but be careful out there... Sometimes when you hit the slopes at night, the slopes hit back. GlowBoarding is a celebration of couch gaming and childhood winter adventures with my brother, including split-screen snowboard battles, online snowmobile races and a unique puzzle arcade snow fort mode. Race against other riders or AI and find some power-ups along the trail to make things a little more interesting. Welcome to GlowBoarding, lets ride!

Featuring Three Unique Game Modes:

  • Local 4-player split-screen snowboard action
  • Battle race or battle it out for points on the slopes
  • Unlock the nastiest of special tricks
  • Four vastly different trails to ride
  • Online (or offline) snowmobile combat racing
  • Two track types to start
  • King of the Hill survival mode
  • Unique game mode based on an old mobile game I created
  • Place, angle and size snow ramps then jump off those ramps
  • Use your body to try and destroy a series of fort puzzles

Battle Races
  • Pickup powerups galore! Use them to conquer the slopes. (Optionally)
  • Bombs, bananas, lightning, snowballs and even deadly dreaded yellow snowballs
  • Solo adventures or AI to race against (GlowBoard or GlowMobile)
  • Warm & cozy, immersive & interactive lodge menu as home base
  • Head back to the lodge to check out your new unlocks and customize your ride
  • Choose from a hundred unlockable riders with a variety of skin and outfit colors for each, dozens of hats, tons of snowboard designs and snowmobile colors

...And introducing Chilguy McNasty
An amateur extreme sports commentator who will narrate your journey and help guide you through this midnight madness on Moonlight Mountain.

Plus everything is glowing and the game takes place at night, did I forget to mention that? The mountain is more fun at night!

Developed with love by an independent solo developer. This game is an ever-evolving passion project, and with some help from the community that enjoys it, I would like this game to become more and more like the kind of game that the community who plays it wants to play.

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