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Flirt Balls free steam key

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1HO0P1-TSJBW-MMOEPSteamHorizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition
20VGR9-ARIPM-VRV8PSteamAge of Empires IV
4148LX-D61AM-P542DSteamCurse of the Dead Gods
5JDBR8-1MKV5-JF754SteamHalo Infinite
6HHWYJ-N46OX-X0N9USteamBack 4 Blood
8SOICI-E8BE5-O74FASteamSherlock Holmes Chapter One
9F8XTV-O1N2N-UOGEQSteamCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
10ER5OV-8TUBQ-X3IU6SteamDays Gone
110Y0JG-PB7BU-QUUCESteamBattlefield™ 2042
12P9GTM-TXH1H-8CPFMSteamTavern Master
139EF75-VFBHM-49YKUSteamARK: Survival Evolved
14KK9TO-7201J-88MMVSteamThe Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
157LBYK-W55NG-RNT8ASteamHearts of Iron IV
16T2OZT-N5EI1-0ANK0SteamThe Elder Scrolls® Online
170UIH1-C5Q1S-J4B71SteamGas Station Simulator
18UCXK1-32522-EAX50SteamTom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege
19HQ14A-54475-TNFIDSteamForza Horizon 5
218L4XV-Z1YPD-62X6BSteamExo One
222U2SL-WE8J3-P31WKSteamApex Legends™
24ZN2IR-VVM1P-CAQG4SteamGrand Theft Auto V
26252Y5-3SBCP-A1G6CSteamSTAR WARS™: The Old Republic™
27AUSG9-BA4XQ-TIA6LSteamWarhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
28Q6YXQ-PNKON-AABX3SteamBlack Desert
291ICBU-JZQRY-IY8T1SteamWar Thunder
304LNPY-Y43XJ-M5RS5SteamArma 3
311GW3V-YKQW9-2A68VSteamNew World
33SV16B-0JTT8-V20NNSteamDestiny 2
343V0FJ-DWL0L-K3Y8KSteamEuro Truck Simulator 2
36JQPDH-2AHO2-AQ8RJSteamFootball Manager 2022
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4045L55-M331B-SOOUUSteamMicrosoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition
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52QZ47P-NNV4R-QYOY2SteamAge of Empires IV
54WUJNH-WGOFC-PYJDJSteamCurse of the Dead Gods
55YZBSL-2LX2U-X28Z1SteamHalo Infinite
56U1BRZ-6WGMV-DAAS4SteamBack 4 Blood
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654RYO2-OK78T-7RWB4SteamHearts of Iron IV
66Q8A8S-JAYW7-WQYGESteamThe Elder Scrolls® Online
67NHUMD-NOCPC-1BZO0SteamGas Station Simulator
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713XGE6-WLT3W-L4YR0SteamExo One
725D600-RTXNQ-NR859SteamApex Legends™
74WNY0J-08WBR-LRNVHSteamGrand Theft Auto V
76OGA14-RET2X-5UTGCSteamSTAR WARS™: The Old Republic™
774T6OL-SLK4G-02DNTSteamWarhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
782QWLO-RA8GL-WJBCYSteamBlack Desert
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80FPJDH-ZMBZ8-464FMSteamArma 3

Flirt Balls
is a full featured Arcade and Strategy game yet seriously Ultra Casual. Single Touch Controls....Fun to play....Hard to master...
Your goal is to click and hold to start a fling with the heart which starts beating for you when you come near to it. You loop around the heart by holding and lift and leave at the right time to leave one heart and move in the direction of another.


Flirt in the specifically listed Moods for as many number of times as mentioned under each mood. Become the Invincible Grand Master of the Art of Flirting.

Time Trial

This is only for the Grand-Master flirts who can race against time. Your every move and every fling should be perfect for you to survive in this unforgiving mode of flirt perfection.
You snooze you loose.


Climb the leadership board and become the ultimate best Flirt on the planet.
Fever Modes

If the player completes three consecutive perfect flings, it takes him/her into fever mode. Fever mode keeps getting better 6 perfect consecutive flings, 9 perfect consecutive flings and so on.

What Is A Perfect Fling?
When you quickly move ahead from the current heart after making a single loop and doesnt spend time looping around the same heart more than once.

On your journey of flirting, you will find some gifts placed around some hearts. If you collect them the gift unlock and its association with people and events will bring their memories back. You can find the details of those events and objects under Collectables section on the main screen.

Flirt Psychology Report

Get to know the Flirt in you! Message: We do not have enough data to generate a custom report for you. Please play atleast 10 sessions in the Endless-Mode scoring 200+ points in each session and we will generate your customized Flirt Psychology report for you. The report keeps changing as your Flirt Moods change and you continue playing.

Badass Power

You can break a heart by activating Badass power by pressing Space. You can use Badass power only 3 time in a session.

Flirt Moods

Perfect Fling

Loop around a heart once completely but move on before the second loop completes.
(Plain Vanilla)

Amateur Fling

Loop around a heart 2 times or more on the same connection. You loose your fever mode every time you get into this fling.
(Turned into an Affair)

Loop Infinity

Loop around two hearts such that two loops touch or intersect each other.

Close Call

Closest you can swing a heart without crashing or looping around it.
(Risky & Rewarding)

Close Connect

Closest you can loop around a heart without crashing into it. Its going to be fast, so beware of looping around twice.
(Beware of Affair)

Stylish and Artisanal

Connect with 4 heart in a row but each move ahead without completing the loop.
(Flirt Art on Display)

Attention grabber

Idly pass by 4 hearts without connecting or bumping into them.
(Vanity Fair)

Three Perfect Flings

Loop around three hearts completely but move on before the second loop completes.
(The Perfectionist)

Six Perfect Flings

Loop around six hearts completely but move on before the second loop completes.
(The Invincible)

Nine Perfect Flings

Loop around nine hearts completely but move on before the second loop completes.
(The Impossible)

Fling With Benefits

Loop around a heart in such a way that you collect all the coins around it.
(Best of both the worlds)


Loop around a heart such that you go outside the boundary and come back. You need to be connected to the heart to break and go past the wall otherwise you crash.
(Foreign Affairs)

Heart Breaker

You can collect Badass Power on your flirting journey and break a heart when your Badass power is active and you collide with it head-on. You can also break heart by activating Badass power by pressing space.
(Fling Misadventure)

Love Sick

Loop 5 times around a heart to break another heart closest to you.As you continue to loop around closest heart it starts cracking

17 Players to Unlock
160 Gifts to collect
50 Steam Achievements

Continue to Make and Break Records.
Become the Flirt Balls Champion Of the World.

Enjoy !

How to get Flirt Balls Steam Key FREE

1 - First step is to register as the member
2 - Choose an offer available and make sure you choose the one that's giving you lots of coins
3 - Complete the offer you have chosen, you must use real information to complete an offer / survey
4 - Get coins instantly to your account
5 - Unlock Flirt Balls

System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2.8Ghz or AMD equivalent
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 950 or AMD equivalent
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Windows-based sound card
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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