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Forget about epic battles, lone heroes, splendid cities, and see how dark the Dark Ages actually were!

In dotAGE, you are the village elder, spiritual guide of a secluded village. A dark omen was seen above your village and the Apocalypse looms over it. Plan, build, produce, research, lead your Pips in these awful times and protect them as the heavens unfold their wrath on your puny village. Will you find what caused the Apocalypse?

dotAGE is a turn-based village builder with a heart of stone.
A hybrid between a roguelikte and a village simulator: FTL meets The Settlers!

Bullet Points
  • Strategic Gameplay: classical town-builder gameplay in a turn-based fashion, reminiscent of European-style board games.
  • Plenty of Content: More than 70 buildings to research and more than 50 resources, with full production chains from raw materials to finished products.
  • Fate is angry: the complex Fate system will throw more than 300 events at you to fight off. From simple coughs to earthquakes, from tornadoes to plagues, from volcanoes to inondations, from taxes to kittens, from diseases to furious murders.
  • The world changes: life becomes harder and harder as you play, keep an eye on the current levels of Fear, Sickness, Heat, Cold, and Cataclysm!
  • Cute yet merciless pixels: The cute pixel art details all the harsh realities of these Dark Ages. Dont get fooled by the happy colors!
  • All different playthroughs: Play a different game and a different story each time thanks to the Fate system and a dynamic research tree.
  • Listen to the Montpellier Codex: real medieval music rearranged in a retro game style is waiting for you.
  • The village is doomed: destruction is permanent, errors can doom your village and you wont be able to reload from a better position!
  • An Apocalyptic goal reach the end of these dark times and fight the Apocalypse to win the game.

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