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Diamond Hands Arena free steam key
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Diamond Hands Arena free steam key

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Diamond Hands Arena
Its all about fighting other gladiator teams

First you start as a traveller with a bit of cash to spend. You hire your first Gladiator or two. Make them fight against others.
Earn Diamonds.

Now its time to choose. Hire More Gladiators? Learn new skills and spells? Visit the Shop and get the biggest axe you can afford?
Or maybe go to the Tavern and try to Gossip some useful information about the next fight?
Its exciting, replayable and well-balanced!
In this roguelike adventure, you will never encounter the same setup twice. As the difficulty goes up with each fight, if you want to stay alive, you need to make the choices carefully.
A grand replayability value due to rogue-like setup is a cherry on top of this creation. You can literally start a hundred times and the game will always be a different experience.
24 characters, 96 items, 15 skills. You choose how to play your deck.
Master the tactical combat and pick a playstyle suitable for you!

Do you have a soul of a berserker? You like to charge and shred enemies to pieces? You can.
Prefer being tanky and supportive? You also can.
Magic is your thing? You like lightning storms, curses and burning enemies with acid? Sure, you can.
Accesibility for all Players - even if you are movement impaired or have limited time, you can fully enjoy it!
Getting to the top of the tournament is supposed to be fun and challenging, no matter your experience!

Diamond Hands Arena is turn-based and you only need a mouse to play the game.
You can take your time for decision-making, which makes it accessible for Players who for any reason dislike a too fast pace.

You can adjust the difficulty further in by choosing the correct tier: Novice, Warrior and Warlord.
Details make the difference
There is a lot of unorthodox stuff to be found in Diamond Hands Arena. The Gladiators are fantasy-themed, but hardly too serious.
You get to use interesting range of weaponry, armors and pets.
Skills are unlike any other.

Everything is hand-drawn.
Ready to Try?

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