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Best Month Ever! free steam key
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Best Month Ever! free steam key

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Take part in a roller coaster of emotions with Louise embarking on a road trip of a lifetime through the late 1960s USA, trying to show her son Mitch how to navigate the often cruel modern world.

????‍???? What Does It Take To Be A Mother?

Telling good from bad was never easy, all the less when youre a single mum in her late 20s with a clever 8-year-old under your care. Each choice you make in the crucial few moments we all know may change our lives for good in a split of a second, influence what kind of person Mitch turns out to be and what values shall guide him once he becomes his own man.
????????‍????‍???????? Why Are You Who You Are?

Find clues as to why Louises life is what it is today, take crucial decisions no other person would be strong enough to stomach, and show Mitch what he needs to see in order for him to become independent, suave, and brave enough to conquer the day.
???? Everything Has Consequences

Your decisions REALLY matter! To keep track of Mitchs growth as a person, each choice you make adds positive or negative points to three key statistics: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations. These influence which type of ending Mitch will reach at the end of the game - there are 9 unique endings in total!
????️ Everybody Has Their Story

The 1960s were tumultuous in more ways than one - the Summer of Love, the Vietnam War, the survivors and the losers of the great upheaval in history.
Canned Heat was Going Up the Country while Bob Dylan asked How does it feel to have no home and live on the street.
Travel across the country and meet a plethora of characters that may help or may dissuade Louise from her goals - including the most controversial groups many thought long gone.
  • A tangible system your dialogue and actions influence directly: Righteousness, Confidence, and Relations
  • 9 Different Endings dependable on your choices in key moments of the game
  • Beautiful, stylized artwork reminiscent of the 1960s era
  • Quick-time events to check your reflexes and feel the adrenaline pumping


Itll Be The Best Month Ever! is a complete collection of 29 beautiful, expressive, folk, country and jazz-inspired melodies prepared by the composer Jędrzej Bączyk (Pan Jędras). The stunning, nearly 80-minute original soundtrack is an excellent addition to the narrative adventure game, creating the musical soundscape of the main characters journey across the 1960s USA.

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