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Berlin 1936 free steam key
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Berlin 1936 free steam key

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In "Berlin 1936" you play as the worlds most infamous dictator during the peak of his power. You can explore an historically accurate replication of Berlin, the capital of the third reich during the olympic games of 1936.

A 3D open-world game with focus on exploring the historic city of berlin by various means of transportation. You control the character in 3rd person view and you are able to move freely around the city. Drive with your car through the streets of berlin to discover real locations, walk through parks and fly with a plane across the city.

Go to your headquarter to accept missions and learn historic background facts about berlin and the 1930s.
Missions include reenacting rue historic events such as participating in parades, finding and removing compromising posters and declaring the olympic games of 1936 open.


Different Weather effects

Historic Buildings
-The Reichstag
-The Brandenburg Gate
-The Olympic Stadium
-The Siegessäule (Berlin Victory Column)
-The Airport
-The historic old town

This game does not intend to glorify the fascist regime, but depict the city of Berlin during the historic events of 1936.
This contains imagery and symbols some may find offensive and the developer does not support the political views depicted in this game. This is no moral judgment, but the proper historical presentation. Although it was recreated with great attention to detail, it may contain minor historic inaccuracies.

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