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About Battle Royale: For Your Heart! steam key free

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Additional information for Battle Royale: For Your Heart! free steam key

Battle Royale: For Your Heart! (BRFYH) is a battle royale themed romance parody game in development. This game is a critique on common visual novel and anime tropes, online gaming communities, and, of course, the ever-growing popularity of battle royale games.

After watching SamuraiStriker, world famous streamer and competitive battle royale player, invite gamers of all skill levels to join him in LegendEx Games Fighters Cup, you decide to enter the tournament to try and win the highly sought after mystery prize.
The only problem? You are a complete noob, mistakenly entered the duos tournament as a solo player, have to scramble to find a partner, and attempt to win the competition!

Select your avatar, player voice, gamertag, and possible duo partner, as you venture into an expansive virtual world alongside a colorful cast of characters.
It is up to you to decide how the game unfolds. Unlock hidden scenes, build a bond with your partner (or enemies!) and try to win the competition!


  • 6 romance routes with an option to remain solo.
  • Choose your avatar, their voice, and their gamertag.
  • Partial voice acting.
  • Interactive Map and Mini-Map
  • Battle Minigames
  • A story that changes based on your decisions!

Date a diverse cast of characters with interesting backstories and attractive designs.

Player Characters: Choose your players appearance, voice, and gamertag. Youre a new player on the battle royale scene and dont know much about the game or virtual world. Navigate the routes in order to learn about the game mechanics, your partner, and the world around you.
Parker: A possible partner and romance option if you choose to be the female main character. Parker considers himself an inexperienced player despite having played in a few unranked battle royale matches before. Parker is more concerned with creating a fun experience for himself and his partner than winning the tournament.

Female Noob (???): The player is able to name this character. She becomes a romance option if you choose to be the male main character. She is very standoffish and defensive about her play style. The female noob is determined to prove her skills and that she shouldnt be judged by her basic avatar.

For the most part, Midnight takes a relaxed approach to life... though this doesnt apply to certain things which he feels very strongly about. Sometimes hell slip up and remind you that he is indeed not one of the young ones but tries to hide this because he doesnt want people to think that you cant teach an old dog new tricks.

TwinTails: TwinTails is a peppy, vibrant girl who lights up the room… until you do something she doesnt like. Her happy-go-lucky persona drops and is replaced with a scary woman. Still, one cant help but be enchanted by her...

SamuraiStriker: Striker is a famous streamer. He started as a competitive player in esports but has long since watered down his content for his younger audience. Striker has a dual persona. On stream, he plays the part of a hero, trying to garner more attention and views. Off camera, hes a little bit different. Which side will he show you?

HollyDay: Holly is a no-nonsense kind of woman. Shes focused on winning the battle royale and wont let anything stop her. Being hyperfocused on the win leaves others thinking she has a chilly personality, but in reality, Holly is a caring and compassionate person. She just funnels that energy into being the best at what she does: winning battle royale games.

The Team:
LegendEx [Writer, Project Lead]
Yoru Uta[Programmer]
DahliaWilder [Sprite Artist]
Fuyunokawa [background Artist]
Saibreaus [GUI Artist]
Monish Corona [Composer]
Nola Klop, Elsie Lovelock [Female MC VA]
Kieran Flitton, Lane Rush [Male MC VA]
Sarah Ruth [TwinTails VA]
Reed Kriner [Parker VA]
Anairis Q [Female Noob VA]
Tom Schalk [Midnight VA]
John Patneaude [SamuraiStriker VA]
Sheila Morris: [HollyDay VA]
PixelsandPins [Voice Director]
Sabrina Marie @k0torisan [Editor]

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System requirements
Windows Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1 GHz AMD or Intel
  • Memory: 1 MB RAM
Mac Requirements
Not available.
Linux Requirements
Not available.

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