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BangBang PewPew free steam key
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BangBang PewPew free steam key

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BangBang PewPew is a skill-based lightgun shooter. Large publishers have ignored this genre for years so we are picking up the torch! BangBang PewPew features 25+ lightgun shooting challenges. We have created unique original challenges that push the genre in new directions like infinite running, driving and curling with a gun. We have also updated and redesigned many of the classics: skeet shooting, sport shooting and on-rails combat.

BangBang PewPew was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is coming to Steam in Spring 2022.

BangBang PewPew is build from the ground-up for lightguns and it supports mouse input as well. We strongly recommend a lightgun and it has been tested on the Sinden Lightgun, Aimtrak, AE Lightgun and Gun4IR.

Features in the Initial Release
  • 25 challenges
  • Unique shooting challenges like infinite running with a lightgun, driving with a lightgun over your wheel or poker with a gun. Think curlings boring? Put down your broom and pick up a lightgun!
  • Challenge your friends offline, even if you just have one lightgun. Compete in our unique driving and curling minigames or try all 25 challenges in turn-based multiplayer with friends
  • 10 Weapons
  • More than 25 target types
  • Compete online to unlock achievements and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards
  • Load up your own custom images to shoot whoever you want
  • 10 unique shooting environments. Blast your enemies while driving, jumping across rooftops or relaxing in a hunting stand
  • Challenge your friends online using Remote Play Together
Upcoming Features
  • Online challenge events with free content updates.
  • Horror DLC "Shadow of the Black Rose" scheduled for release by Halloween 2022.
  • Hunting DLC.
  • Plus more DLC to come!

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