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Amberial Dreams free steam key
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Amberial Dreams free steam key

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In the long gone days of 2007, Amberial landed on the indie Flash gaming scene, and over the course of 4 games accumulated over 2 million players! 15 years later, Amberial Dreams brings the series back with a bang, boasting a brand-new engine, more contraptions than ever before, but the same basic premise: only two buttons to move, no jumping allowed.

The Avatar can only roll left and right, but that does not mean it cant make impressive feats of traversal! Every surface in the world reacts to you and helps you gain momentum. You can get anywhere you want, as long as you dont stop rolling.

Amberial Dreams features beautiful and diverse environments where its platforming action unfolds. From bright bubblegum skies to the deepest pits in which you are the only light source, all the way to biomes in which all color has been extinguished.

Do you love a good story filled with secrets, lore and unique characters? Weve got you covered!

Would you rather focus on speed running your way to the top of the leaderboards? We also have you covered!

From the start, weve aimed to offer a good experience to all types of players. If you want to experience a sprawling narrative about the consequences of your dreams, its right there, presented by surprising characters with partial voice acting and much to tell you. Uncover lore hidden in the environment and understand the secrets of the galaxy of Dews Vision.

Youd rather bounce your way to first place in one of our wickedest levels? No problem, just press the skip button when a cutscene starts and move right along, you wont be penalized, and the games open-ended approach to levels will never leave you lost.

It is our belief that you should be able to build any level we can, and why not, do even better! Our fully featured editor incorporates all game pieces, per-piece coloring, per-piece depth sorting, interactable switches, portals, paths for object movement, as well as convenient features such as multi-select, undo and redo. The editor is constantly updated based on community feedback!

Join our official Discord server! Most of our development is done together with our players. You are the ones we are building this for, after all!

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