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Alan’s Automaton Workshop free steam key
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Alan’s Automaton Workshop free steam key

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Turn on Vinyl Player, Put on your Goggles,
Hack an Automaton

Alans Automaton Workshop is a Steampunk themed puzzle game which mainly focusing on programming challenge.

You, as a novice engineer, will join Alan and his new business in town - an automaton workshop. By composing nodes and arrows with various hardware devices, you can create novel automatons to solve problems from clients, such as: improving working conditions, providing entertainments ...... or even change the world?

Design, build and test
Find out your own design and build original automatons to solve all kinds of strange cases. Each level has infinite possibilities!
40+ step-by-step levels
Starts from basic loops and conditional statements, to advanced algorithm topics. You can find satisfaction no matter what your programming skill is.
Optimization challenges
The real challenge begins after you clear a level! Try to get the best results with minimal instructions or fastest execution time.
Dive into the dark tides in steampunk world
With your efforts and the expansion of Alans business, the more-and-more powerful automatons attract the attention from intelligence agencies ...How would it change the game?
Level editor, sandbox mode and more
Challenge your friends with level editor, or create your own puzzle in sandbox mode after launch. Lets see what you can build!

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