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1001 Jigsaw. Castles And Palaces 3 free steam key
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1001 Jigsaw. Castles And Palaces 3 free steam key

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A new part of the already beloved game "1001 Jigsaw Castles and Palaces 3". The atmosphere of majestic palaces, fabulous fountains. Collect puzzles, enjoy the gameplay and amazing images. For an interesting passage we have made the game even more comfortable. You can set a comfortable difficulty level or use a hint on a difficult puzzle. Puzzle can be saved at any time of the passage. The game will suit both beginners and real pros. In the game you will see castles from all over the world. Each palace will help you to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages. Ancient architecture, knightly tournaments, clothing embroidered with gold. All this you can see now. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient halls and the spirit of knights! - 500 high quality pictures - Sophisticated game mode: easy tips, sorting and the magnifier - Individual difficulty settings for each puzzle allow you to play indefinitely - feature to turn off the rotation mode of puzzle pieces - Possibility to save and continue a puzzle at any moment - pleasant relaxing music - new part in the series of games - For those who like excitement - special tasks and colorful trophies

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