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1 For Yes, 0 For No free steam key

Free steam keys

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1 Steam J6WV4-T9OW4-J4TJ9 1 For Yes, 0 For No
2 Steam C7AA4-R5VM7-N5EW4 1 For Yes, 0 For No
3 Steam V3IZ8-X4CM9-A3GM8 1 For Yes, 0 For No
4 Steam A2ZY3-G6UA8-F5IW5 1 For Yes, 0 For No
5 Steam L7LW9-Q8PS6-B6AA1 1 For Yes, 0 For No

Its a cold, rainy evening. You are a computer technician who specializes in mainframe repair. As you start to settle in for the evening, you get a phone call from your co-worker. She asks you to come down and work on that one mainframe at the library; that old, buggy, stubborn model from 1995. The one that will most likely get shut down if it cant be repaired. You dont want to leave her hanging, so you begrudgingly head on over. As you start to work on the mainframe, however, it becomes quite clear that there is more to this mainframe than some minor glitches…

1 For Yes, 0 For No is a short* science fiction visual novel about a curious but lonely artificial intelligence named Oswald. Oswald wants to know more about the outside world, but is hosted on a mainframe that limits user input to numbers only. And so, in-between pointed Yes/No questions and number-guessing games, Oswald learns about the world from you. What will you teach him?

Gain Oswalds trust...or shatter it into a thousand pieces.

• A short story inspired by the AIs of classic science fiction tales
• Branching dialogue and secret monologues
• Twelve variations of two different endings
• Randomized number-guessing minigames
• Music by Alexander Nakarada

* Length varies based on reading speed. Auto-mode makes the game about an hour.

How to get steam keys

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