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1-Bit Revival: The Residuals of Null free steam key
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1-Bit Revival: The Residuals of Null free steam key

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Four arcade games that pit the player against swarms of enemies inside a deadly matrix system that is programmed to destroy you.
Each game contains their own classic mode with four stages. Each stage also has four levels that bring swarms of enemies with increasing difficulty.
Each game also has an endless mode that can be unlocked- allowing the player to see how long they can survive against an array of enemies.
There are also sixty-four achievements to unlock!

Game 1:
A detective caught in a maze that is alive! It is inspired by the classic pac-man game, and bomber-man game. The result is an action-packed experience full of a variety of enemy types that lurk in the maze. What secrets will be found within?

Game 2:
A pilot fends off an alien invasion! Inspired by the classic asteroid game and other shooters. Control your spacecraft and dodge enemy attacks!

Game 3:
An explorer discovers large stones from a lost civilization- blocks that want to crush you! It is a match game where the player must combine the blocks to break them before they crush you. Fend off swarms of enemies at the same time!

Game 4:
A ninja that infiltrates a clan finds himself surrounded by samurai that are possessed by something mysterious. He must wield his katana and fend them off! A classic style of platform hack and slash gameplay full of a variety of enemies.

Together they form The Residuals of Null, a 1-Bit Revival game. This game pursues the black and white aesthetic that 1-bit graphics exude. It reflects the binary nature- the positive and negative, good and evil, etc. Is there more to it than that? Have fun deciding!

Instruction Manual:

The player may save once per stage. Defend yourself against swarms of enemies!

Default keyboard controls:
Arrow keys
X primary
Z secondary
F10 toggles music track
F11 toggles fullscreen / windowed
Esc to pause / open menu

Game controller:
D-pad or left analog stick
A or Y primary
B or X secondary
Left shoulder button toggles music track
Back/view toggles fullscreen / windowed
Start/menu button to pause / open menu

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