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5 Steam O4NF5-A2QA6-Z8BQ2 1 ⛷ 1

???????????????????????????????? The game has 14 levels, including co-op mode. With each level, the complexity increases. Sometimes you have to go by inertia. Do not press the key to drive until you crash. Competently feel the physics and pass the levels. They are quite interesting. Pleasant music and dynamic game. The most interesting is the cooperative, a large-scale map for the game. A lot of various obstacles. Several ways to pass. At the start, when the creator comes to the location, he waits for the opponent, when they both enter, in 3 seconds the "door" opens and they can start. Both of them are solid, so download the jump and redirect the opponents. When you do the trick, at 90 degrees you are given + $ 3. At 180 degrees, + 10 $, 360 degrees WoW, Epic, + 10 $. Your opponent sees your tricks and inscriptions. There is a system of emotions. You can click on the picture and the opponent will see your mood for a couple of seconds. Everything cool. If you finished first, rival, rivals notice that you finished, and they will be disabled after 5 seconds. And you too. You can create an unlimited number of rooms. On one hummock, you can make several 360 tricks, making money easily. There are coins on the cards. The nominal value is from 1 to 10 coins (1.5.10). Bleeding is quite expensive. You can go through levels and earn coins. In the store you can buy different things, (increase jump, reduce recharge jump, x2 coin extraction, clutch force, turn speed) Total 5 things. The average price of 1000 coins. Features: - achievements; - Pleasant graphics; - simple operation; - Interesting gameplay; - light music; - unforgettable adventures; - availability in 2 languages; - 15 levels -Control Control of the simple button "D" will accelerate, "S" - brake. "A" - align the hero to the left. F for the full screen. ESC to exit the menu - For cooperative "Update" only works for co-workers, that is, whether there is anyone online in the cooperative The lobby creator must wait for the second player, so before him is the "wall", as the second one comes in, the wall disappears.

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