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001 Earth free steam key
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001 Earth free steam key

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001 Earth is a sandbox adventure game where you collect resources, hunt animals, fight monsters, and do everything your heart desires.
The game also tells the story of certain characters and the origin of the main character.

General Mechanics
  • Collect resources, research recipes, build tools, build buildings, roam biomes, hunt animals, fight monsters.
  • Inventory management: you have to consider the size and weight of the items you carry.
  • Recipe system: you need to learn recipes before you can craft them.
  • Limb conditions: your limbs can be crippled so think through if you are ganna tank an attack.
  • Basic needs: You have to take care of your hunger, thirst, stamina, energy, mana, and other attributes.
  • Unique entities: They rarely spawn on biomes and they have higher attributes compared to normal entities
  • Harmless:
    • Overpowered entities barely spawn in the wild.
    • Entities have a slower reaction time.
    • You have a longer duration of hunger, thirst, stamina, mana, and energy.
    • You build, craft, and break stuff much faster.

  • Casual:
    • Overpowered entities barely spawn in the wild
    • Entities have a slower reaction time
    • Hunger, thirst, stamina, mana, and energy drain at a normal rate.
    • You build, craft, and break stuff at normal speed

  • Impossible:
    • Overpowered entities regularly spawn in the wild.
    • Entities have a normal reaction time.
    • Hunger, thirst, stamina, mana, and energy drain at a normal rate.
    • You build, craft, and break stuff at normal speed.

  • God Mode:
    • Overpowered entities spawn more frequently in the wild.
    • Entities have an instantaneous reaction time.
    • Hunger, thirst, stamina, mana, and energy drains at a normal rate.
    • You build, craft, and break stuff at normal speed.
  • Adventure Mode:
    • Runic platform exists and you can use them to respawn after you turned into a ghost.
    • You can cure crippled limbs naturally.

  • Hardcore Mode:
    • Runic platforms dont exists hence you cant respawn after you die (you can still roam the world as a ghost).
    • Your world starts with a tent since runic platforms dont exist.
    • Your crippled limbs dont heal naturally but you can still use artificial tools to replace your limbs

  • Creative Mode:
    • access all items in your inventory
    • Fly ability
    • Pass through walls
    • Instant break objects
    • Instant kill entities
    • Invulnerability
  • Grassland: where the player starts his journey
  • Forest: High number of high-grade trees can be collected here but has a lot of dangerous animals
  • Swamp: Low number of high-grade trees are on this biome but good for hunting small critters
  • Mountain: Good for mining stones, metals, and other minerals. You can also find caves on this biome.
  • Tundra: Cold temperature and almost unhabitable. This biome is good are for hunting animals with thick fur/hide
  • Savanna: High number of prey animals but also home to dangerous animals
  • Desert: Sand???
  • Astral Realm: land of the unknown, you can enter this realm after slaying the dragon.

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